Jared C. Deery, Tamara Janes
in Last Red House Open Studio

Come over!

Camilla and Tamara are going to transform the Red House studio space, week of July 9th-13th, party Friday the 13th.

Come celebrate and see/hear the work of fellow artists:
Jared Deery (painting), Aaron Fagan (poetry),
and Mick Farrell (performance)

@with Tamara Janes, Jared Deery,
Camilla Ha & Aaron Fagan,
@and Mick Farrell
The Bony Chicken
@Assorted Free Flea by Linda

09.07.2018 – 13.07.2018

Red House studio space, New York USA

Our artist
Tamara Janes
Jared C. Deery