Jared C. Deery, Tamara Janes, Camilla Ha, Aaron Fagan and Mick Farrell
Last Red House Open Studio

Come over!

Camilla and Tamara are going to transform the Red House studio space, week of July 9th-13th, party Friday the 13th.

Come celebrate and see/hear the work of fellow artists:
Jared Deery (painting), Aaron Fagan (poetry),
and Mick Farrell (performance)

@with Tamara Janes, Jared Deery,
Camilla Ha & Aaron Fagan,
@and Mick Farrell
The Bony Chicken
@Assorted Free Flea by Linda

09.07.2018 – 13.07.2018

Red House studio space, New York USA

Our artist
Tamara Janes
Jared C. Deery